I don’t have any pics because I have a new phone and no pics on it, but for the last week or so I’ve been trying out the Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation in 118, which is a light yellow toned colour. Yes, I am one of those pasty faced people who are actually yellow and tan a glorious tango orange colour in summer.

Anyhow, fed up of most high end foundations being shit (Dior, Lancôme, I love cake but not on my face), I thought I’d try something a bit more affordable, and now they had something in my colour…

So what did I think?

It isn’t awful, but it’s not for me. My nose and chin are pore central, but everywhere else is fine, here’s how it worked for me;

The colour was fine. It matched well, blended well, didn’t emphasise my cavernous pores.

BUT…it didn’t last too well, my face was shiny as all fuck very quickly, and it actually made my skin feel oilier. Now, it’s not a total oil slick normally, just a bit shiny and poretastic but fuck, this made my chin and jawline feel really clammy and sticky, I had to use far more powder and actually reapply during the day (I mean who has time for that shit?), and it actually felt like my face was sweating under the foundation. Ugh. Bear in mind it’s winter. So no, this is not for me. Shame, because it didn’t settle in my pores or cake up at all but sweaty face is not the one.

in the interests of thrift I have now bought darkening drops for all my winter foundations that are still too light, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

The week so far…

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I’ve been using this palette mostly this week. That and a weird Avon quad I got in a lucky bag. Although I love Urban Decay, this palette sat unloved… It just couldn’t compete with the Electric and Moonstone palettes, which, let’s face it, are pretty as all fuck…

I was quite worried when I realised it was all shimmers. I think I got away with it though.

The colours look better in this pic than in my hand, initially I was drawn to the green colour, of course I was, that’s why I bought the palette…

I swathed the colours on my arm just now and they are actually really nice on the skin. That orange is amazing. The green, predictably, blends away to fuck all, but packed on, it’s lovely. Does fade a bit though, but then I had sweaty evil taekwondo session to deal with…

The blue also will not blend for shit but makes a decent eyeliner.

Pleasantly surprised, and will be making more use, but obviously will be using in conjunction with other palettes…

This lipstick? It can fuck off, sorry NYX. I like the grey/mauve colour, I thought it would look shite but it doesn’t, but this is patchy on me, peels off in flakes and it’s måtte. I can’t stand måtte lipstick. We’ll ignore the fact I’ve just replaced it with another matte formula… And it seems a lot of modern lipstick formulas (formulae?) are not Lipcote compatible….

So there we go, mission sort of accomplished, the palette got some use and will now get more…. Meanwhile I threw out some lipsticks and eyeshadow that were definitely past their best.

This week’s challenge

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20180318_21061120180318_210308Today, I sorted and boxed my makeup, as we’re decorating the dressing room. As I still want to cover my face in slap, I went and picked up the stuff I’m to wear this week. But I didn’t make it easy. Main criteria are that I pick things that are unloved or unused, things I need to test out, and stuff I need to use up. So for foundations, I have a new one I trying, and an old one that’s too light, but I’m testing darkening drops with it.

For powder, one’s new, one has fallen out of favour and one needs using up.

Concealer I have a new one to test and an old one to use up

Primer   I have to test as I’m not really a fan

Bronzer is a freebie I’ve not tried

Blusher it’s one that’s fallen out of favour

Lipsticks are ones I never use, colour or finish, including my nemesis, matte nudes…. And mauve, which I never go for anymore…

Coloured eyeliners are ones I don’t use, black mascara is a greater i need rid of, coloured one is new and to be tested

And eyeshadow… Couple of cream ones I never use and two palettes… One in an Avon lucky bag… Like the colours, have no idea with them, and a palette I bought but haven’t used much if at all. Aim is too use every item at least once, including every eyeshadow and lip colour. Er.

And now I realise there is not a single matte eyeshadow in the UD  palette



Ooh hello there

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Long time no post. I’ve made things, but not many. I’ll resume posting up stuff I’ve made, once i get back into it. I’ve mostly been knitting, will post stuff up later if I don’t smash my phone up.

I also wanted somewhere to document my experiments with makeup, as I often forget things and why i like certain products (or not).

Today, i will be doing a brief review of four things;

An outrageously bright eyeshadow palette i picked up for the princely sum of £4

A sample of Benefits new Bad Gal Bang mascara in black

A Revlon matte liquid lipstick i got in a beauty box

Body Shop instablur primer, i picked up a sample instore.

Firstly the palette. For a goth, i like loud eyeshadow. Wasn’t expecting a lot from it, as the swatches were chalky, but i was pleasantly surprised. The colours were bright and blended well.

The mascara. It’s pretty good. The brush is annoying and looks like a shrews nose but it’s certainly not the worst mascara ever. Think i still prefer ‘They’re Real’ though. Will try not to get it all over my face next time..

The primer. I’m not a fan of primer. I have cavernous pores and oily skin and most are silicone greasy hell, and when the woman demonstrated this in the shop, and it pilled up and flaked i was less than convinced. Tried it this morning, and it didn’t make my make up any better or worse tbh, so I’m not converted, but i don’t hate it either.

Lipstick. I’m no fan of matte lipstick , i prefer glossy or metallic or glitter, but they do last. Sometimes. The colour of this was fine, an inoffensive pink, but it didn’t dry, transferred, wore off quickly and i got that ring around my inner lip line where it all gathers. And the smell. That sickly sweet smell (similar to Maybelline). It was ok, but nothing special and not something I’d purchase, but the colour was what I’d call an average workday colour, if that’s your thing.

Today i went for flame coloured eyeshadow, using the red and orange on the right, and the yellow in the MUA palette, as well as red and yellow eyeliner. Pics below are;


Swatches of eyeshadows

Lipstick swatch

Freshly applied slap,, 7am

Same slap 3pm

Other than my foundation, which never lasts, think it did pretty well.

Hopefully this will be a useful resource for me when I remember what i hate lol.. 😂

Dress done!

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Ok so it cost me as i had to replace overlocker blades after a pin incident, and the hem had to be modified site to stumpiness but the awesome German Dress is done… And it is good.  Even the professional gave me good marks…
The back and front



Me wearing it,  yes the sports bra really sets it off





The original pattern


The coverstitch machine.  Learned how to use it but chickened out of the actual hemming and left it to the pro…


Love the dress,  was so easy to put together despite me just following the pictures.. Would definitely use this company again,  the size 44 fit straight out with a minor adjustment to the back dart to accommodate my short waist,  and 3″ off the longest part of the hem.

Bit of dress progress

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Finally had time to make a bit of progress.  Interfacing cut out and fused,  facings attached to top of dress.  That’s  it.  All overlocked,  tomorrow to do back dart and attach the skirt pieces…

Front facings


Back facing


Front so far


Back after small amount of overlocker rage and assistance


Not going to plan

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Of course,  nothing goes to plan. Ever. Take today… Plan was to cut out a simple wrap dress. That was not allowed.

I’ll back up a bit.  Sewing has been lacking for a while.  Mostly because i haven’t unpacked that room yet.  And that’s because it needs rewiring before i decorate.. And because i have no bookcases.  Oh, and because sewing is the new ‘thing’,  the interweb is full of utter bollocks. Seriously,  if i see another newbie sewist decide to become a ‘pattern designer’ and release  a ripoff and overly simplistic ‘vintage inspired’  pattern,  i might actually scream. I’ve made some of these patterns and they  are ok for what they are but there is no development,  they all seem geared to beginners.  Now I’m no expert,  but I want more interesting now and then.

Last year,  while in Leipzig,  i was perusing the patterns in the fabric shop.  Sadly they didn’t have the one i liked and they don’t ship to the UK.  This year that still didn’t have it but my friend contacted them and they agreed to ship  her order to the UK….
I took a fancy to said pattern and she told me i was making it.  Out of the RIDICULOUS fabric she made me buy in Deutschland.
This ridiculous Jersey.


Very me 😀

The dress is asymmetrical and every piece is different,  the instructions of course are in German but it actually looks very simple to construct



So i traced the pattern in my size (44), and cut it out before pinning it to the dummy




Have now got to the stage of pinning pattern pieces to the fabric ready for cutting out


Oh,  and I’ve not forgotten about the jacket,  i just couldn’t find the pattern earlier…

Project Jacket – the pattern

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No pics today…. Have spent the last two days drafting the jacket pattern – collar, sleeves, pockets, lining and facings.. Have cut out the pieces and my homework is to toile  the main body pieces and see if they fit. Eek.

I do have some delightful Ikea curtain fabric for the toile lol

Oh and Happy New Year!

New Project

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20141229_174858Finally we’ve moved house and although not set up, the sewing stuff is all in one room. Over Christmas i did crochet a hat and scarf as it’s brass monkeys out.  I also started the other side of my cardi

Today is my birthday and I went to visit my sewist friend to see how her Christmas was.  She had the bright idea that my next project would be a jacket.  I was instructed to sketch a design then out came Winifreds Bible and I managed to draft a jacket and sleeve block…. Tomorrow will be the collar and revere apparently…

As I said before, we’re in the process of moving house…will probably be a few weeks yet but half the packing is done. First to be packed was the sewing stuff, then the books, then the clothes. Ah yes, the clothes. So many things blogged about, so many things put into the donate pile (or even chucked)…

It’s been commented on one of the blogs listed below that a number of bloggers make things then they never get seen again – some are wheeled out for Me Made May, but a lot of bloggers have a lot of output but seem to wear very little of what they make…I often wonder what happens to the clothes….

So of the things I’ve blogged about (that I remember), what made the cut to go to the new house?

Firstly, the black self drafted trousers get to stay.

The Miette skirt blogged about here, and the Christmas version. Because I find them useful, and they fit well. https://rantygobshyte.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/i-made-something-2/

The dress here was binned as it was just too tight across the chest but I made a version in a yellow bee print with an FBA and it made the cut https://rantygobshyte.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/stop-press/

This dress because it is so damn comfy https://rantygobshyte.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/sewing-mojo-back/

The Hawaiian dress because I don’t care if it’s wonky, I love it https://rantygobshyte.wordpress.com/2012/09/05/i-made-summat/

The ‘Horror of Satin II’ because it’s so obnoxious it deserves more outings https://rantygobshyte.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/busy/

Also (because I cba to link anymore), the goth Meringue, the black Taffy, the ladybird corset and the space dress…also a strawberry print dress based on the space dress pattern I didn’t get around to blogging. I think the purple leopardprint dress made it too, as did the red New Years Eve dress I probably didn’t blog about. Damn, I’m rubbish at this blogging lark!

Anyway, that leaves a lot of stuff that didn’t fit properly, or well enough for me to persevere with…

Next year I will aim for far less wadders. I’m looking at at least 50% which is rubbish. I’ve been sewing for ages, I should get it by now.