Project Jacket – the pattern

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No pics today…. Have spent the last two days drafting the jacket pattern – collar, sleeves, pockets, lining and facings.. Have cut out the pieces and my homework is to toile  the main body pieces and see if they fit. Eek.

I do have some delightful Ikea curtain fabric for the toile lol

Oh and Happy New Year!

New Project

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20141229_174858Finally we’ve moved house and although not set up, the sewing stuff is all in one room. Over Christmas i did crochet a hat and scarf as it’s brass monkeys out.  I also started the other side of my cardi

Today is my birthday and I went to visit my sewist friend to see how her Christmas was.  She had the bright idea that my next project would be a jacket.  I was instructed to sketch a design then out came Winifreds Bible and I managed to draft a jacket and sleeve block…. Tomorrow will be the collar and revere apparently…

As I said before, we’re in the process of moving house…will probably be a few weeks yet but half the packing is done. First to be packed was the sewing stuff, then the books, then the clothes. Ah yes, the clothes. So many things blogged about, so many things put into the donate pile (or even chucked)…

It’s been commented on one of the blogs listed below that a number of bloggers make things then they never get seen again – some are wheeled out for Me Made May, but a lot of bloggers have a lot of output but seem to wear very little of what they make…I often wonder what happens to the clothes….

So of the things I’ve blogged about (that I remember), what made the cut to go to the new house?

Firstly, the black self drafted trousers get to stay.

The Miette skirt blogged about here, and the Christmas version. Because I find them useful, and they fit well.

The dress here was binned as it was just too tight across the chest but I made a version in a yellow bee print with an FBA and it made the cut

This dress because it is so damn comfy

The Hawaiian dress because I don’t care if it’s wonky, I love it

The ‘Horror of Satin II’ because it’s so obnoxious it deserves more outings

Also (because I cba to link anymore), the goth Meringue, the black Taffy, the ladybird corset and the space dress…also a strawberry print dress based on the space dress pattern I didn’t get around to blogging. I think the purple leopardprint dress made it too, as did the red New Years Eve dress I probably didn’t blog about. Damn, I’m rubbish at this blogging lark!

Anyway, that leaves a lot of stuff that didn’t fit properly, or well enough for me to persevere with…

Next year I will aim for far less wadders. I’m looking at at least 50% which is rubbish. I’ve been sewing for ages, I should get it by now.

Mind the gap…

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Not that I’m  the most prolific poster in the world but due to an imminent holiday and possibly imminent house move, the sewing stuff has been packed away. Mostly. I still have my Marfy catalogue to perv over, and a cardi I’m  knitting to keep me occupied. Might even finish knitting the zombie I started last year…or the scarf I started 3 years ago…

Interesting to note I discovered 4 irons in the sewing room, though I’ve  binned one as it leaks…from.someone who never actually irons clothes it’s  a bit odd lol…

Will still be reading and making lists of things to make once I’m  all set up…

Evil sales

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The local shop has a 50% sale on Simplicity patterns….so I got one..or three. Would be rude not to. WTF that the more complicated looking teamspunk ones are cheaper?
I got that one for the skirts- both of them….I even have the right fabric already purchased….
The coat one is pretty and a bargain at less than £3…
The other doesn’t seem to be too popular, but I’ll give it a go….apparently reversible dresses are not ‘in’. Good.

Whether I’ll get the skirt done before Whitby is a whole different issue


Doing stuff

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20140914_12074220140928_205058I’m  doing stuff…I’m  not being a complete idle get….I made a top which went together well  but looks a bit wrong….bit low cut. May get pics up….I also bought more obnoxious fabric from Portsmouth. The teal stars will be a dress, the others probably shirts. Loud ones.

That’s  the first pic. The second is a cardi  I started knitting over a year ago and have started it up again….I might get it done by next winter…..

Whitby is a month away….have to think of things to wear for that….really looking forward to it tbh

I made a thing. And it worked!

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I have been a little rubbish of late. I have made many things, of which most are an utter fail. Most are an utter fail. The NYE dress was OK, the trousers Mk2 weren’t bad, the baby blanket I made someone for Christmas and my first foray into quilting wasn’t awful (all pics on my old phone gah), neither was the Mother’s Day cushion for Bob’s mum….

However any top I have tried to make EVER has been a total disaster. Recently I even cocked up a Truffle dress due to poor fabric choice.

This week though, I went to borrow my friend’s cutting table and made up a trouser block for Bob, and have spent this weekend making them. And they FIT! Not only that, I only partly unpicked the fly once, and the jetted pockets worked FIRST TIME, no traumas. Shocking. Clearly I can make stuff for others but not me. Boo hiss, but so happy something worked. I believe tailoring is more my thing, at least for trousers (my trousers also worked from my own block, the issues come with my shoddy workmanship)

So…some pics. In no particular order. My friend taught me to crochet…

crochet blanket

Here’s said baby quilt, with the baby in it

baby quilt

Back of the mothers day cushion

cushion 2

Front…(literary theme, she’s an English teacher, and the colours go with the decor)

mothers day cushion

This is the flappy jetted pocket on Bob’s trousers…awesome, no?

pocket bob

And the practice I did on a scrap – lopsided but not bad

practice jet

My first cushion – the stars glow in the dark

space cushion

This is from my trousers Mk2 – an actual almost invisible hem :D

trouser hem

Oops HOW long?

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So WordPress tells me I’ve been here 3 years…shame I’ve not posted for EVER.


I have been making stuff – some more successful than others, but earlier this week, for the first time in 15 years, I took my sewing machine to be serviced. (And the overlocker)…I have evidence it actually does buttonholes properly. I’m quite excited.

I’m off on holiday in a fortnight so this weekend will no doubt be a sewing frenzy. After actually buying a dress, from a shop (new, not a charity shop lol) and finding the sleeves were made so badly (the sleeve was the same size as the armhole, tut, I mean what size 14 woman has 10″ biceps?), so my first project will be to unpick the sleeves and reinsert as cap sleeves. Joy. I also want to make a red sparkly top and a utility skirt. In one and a half days. Hmmm……

I did wear the bee dress last week, I think, for a goth, I totally rocked yellow and turquoise. I doubt there are pics though……

So yeah, long radio silence, should be posting more this weekend….including pics of the ‘WTF Henry Holland?’ sleeves :D


I made something

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Actually, I’ve made a few things but not got round to posting..partly because my sewing room has been used as a store room for ever….

My lovely friend has just got her studio up and running however, and in it she has a 9ft cutting table. Oh yes, so I thought I’d give it a go, as I have a tiny 3ft table :D

Check her out, btw at – as well as alterations, will design and make pretty much anything you like….she has made some awesome wedding outfits…

Anyhow,  I made the Miette, in a black cotton with green stars. I think this is the first thing I’ve ever made that hasn’t had a major disaster, fits out of the box (as it were) and I’m itching to wear – even if I’m scared my arse is going to fall out the back :D



Stop press!

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Well, bugger me if I haven’t gone and made summat that FITS!!

Yes indeed. Yesterday I bought SEW magazine, which is sometimes good, sometimes shit, but had a pattern on the front IN MY SIZE (as opposed to the size 6-12 they normally do). At first glance it doesn’t look my sort of thing but then what is? It’s Simplicity 2444 if anyone’s interested….loads of reviews on PatternReview, may do my own later.

One thing that bothered me about the pattern was no waist measurement of finished garment.


Given my previous pattern traumas, I decided to make a toile of the bodice.Due to lack of waist measurement on pattern gambled with cutting a 16 for the waist. The toile came up too small on the waist and showed me I needed to adjust or a hollow chest (seriously!) and my slopy shoulders. Eventually cut a 14 top (with a slight FBA) , graduating to size 16 on waist (plus half an inch) and size 16 skirt. The front was supposed to be cut in 2 pieces but I cut it on the fold, adding half an inch for my belly. The centre seam would only have messed up the pattern even more anyway.

Fabric was cotton poplin courtesy of Dunelm. Evil Dunelm, I only went in for underbed storage, FFS. I only bought 2 metres, and it was 45″ wide and the pattern envelope claimed I’d need 3.4 metres of 44″ wide fabric. Ha. I like a challenge, me :D

Firstly, I knew I wasn’t going to be worrying about collars…or sleeves. Or facings. In the end, I just squeezed the pieces out, by narrowing the skirt hem by 2″ on each piece (it’s a massive skirt anyway, I’m only 4′ 11″, it would have looked daft) and attempting no pattern matching whatsoever….

Also due to previous experience, ignored the instructions. Constructed front and backs as stated, then did side seams. Got Bob to pin back together to make sure it would fit. Added zip and then checked shoulders for fit before stitching. Seems odd to do shoulder seams last but this is ALWAYS where it goes tits up for me. That and bias facing armholes and neck (don’t look too closely please!) but that’s another story. Anyway, upshot is, a thing that fits. A little snugly across the chest, but I’m wearing a sports bra in the pic, will look better when I wear a proper one.

The front – we’ll ignore the mess, shall we?


The back – apart from cutting the points of the stars of, I think I’ve got the hang of zips. I especially like my invisible zip foot :)


Construction – ie the inside of it


And the front, yes it’s wonky on the dummy


I was so pleased with it I even put a label in it… :D


Things I think went well with the dress:

  • The fitting – everything seemed to go right this time
  • The zip. It’s rather good
  • The pleats. Hurrah for poplin, it presses and EVERYTHING
  • I managed to find a flattering shape. I usually think boat necks are grim

Things that did not go well:

  • Neck and arm facings – all creasy and stuff – nightmare on tight curves but oh god I HATE normal facings!
  • It’s a bit shortwaisted. I read as much on Patternreview BUT I’m shortwaisted. And under 5′ tall, I have no idea who that would actually fit…
  • Did I mention the facings?

So there it is. Not quite the weather to wear it atm, unfortunately, and I suspect I will need an underskirt to stop it sticking to tights…the minute it is actually not sub zero, I wear it……