Posted: April 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

Bleh, too much junk food!

So, from what I can remember…..

Wednesday – Off to Whitby with Mr Criz, Helen and Lorna following in their car. Obligatory stop at Little Chef for Quid Toast. Served by same woman who hated us last year! Toast now 85p. Got to Whitby, unpacked, wandered around.

Thursday – Early morning cliff walking (make an effort, won’t pay for gym!), walk along beach later. Decided that sitting in pub all day was boring, so went to Goathland. Went into Goathland Hotel for food, came out and it was magically transformed into the Aidensfield Arms! Looks very period with a red Nova parked outside – I don’t think! Sat in the other pub feeding the dogs Peperami and pork scratchings while filming was going on.

Off to Creamy in the evening. Helen found her own gimp who kept licking the soles of her boots. She was a bit disturbed by this. Managed to buy a flattering PVC top to go with my unflattering PVC trousers.

Friday – Spent lots of money,bought top and skirt to go with corset. Saw Zombina – not bad, but I’m not fond of female vocals. Earth Loop Recall not my thing so off to the foyer. Chatted to Leila for a bit, and actually got my picture taken! I’ve NEVER had my picture taken by random stranger before! Even more amazing, the pic actually made it onto their website – Woohoo! THe Damned were good, enjoyed that, even though I had New Corset Bruised Ribs and Hips Trauma.

Saturday – More money spent. More food eaten. More corset trauma. Wasn’t wearing a big pouffy skirt, so had really tasty hip fat thing going on. Watched Libitina. Not really my thing. At the front for Dream Disciples – move me on pain of death!!!! Storming set, very sad it was (allegedly) their last gig. They will be sadly missed. Strange to see Col looking exactly as they did the first time I saw them, around 1996. Not a huge fan of the Mission. Tried to get bottles of Water to Mr Criz, who was at the front. Was blocked, abused and shoved repeatedly. So much attitude! After delivering the water, and receiving a good punch in the face from one arsehole who wouldn’t let me pass, I stormed off outside, where I chatted to Ian and Heather for a bit. And got my pic taken again! I will have to cultivate these marvellously attractive people!

Sunday – More food, more walking, more dancing. Went to Sexy Sunday, Ended up speaking to a chap who thought Murderdolls would be a good band to play Whitby. Had to agree. I suggested Hanoi Rocks. Just as punk as the Damned, after all.
Helen found a chap who was so pissed he nearly threw her over the cliff. In fact he kept dropping her. By the time he dropped her outside the pizza place, and sprained her ankle, she was so pissed off she punched him! And to his friends who stood there watching and laughing – it was not funny. She was scared at the time.

Monday – Chill out day. Spent YET MORE money, but it was plastic this time. Nice bit of jewellery, andsome witchcraft and crystal books. Got back to the pub, was told we’d be going for food after that drink. Back to the cottage to start packing. Came back, drinks finished, but then it was decided they’d have just one more. As a non-drinker (and a bloody hungry one) I decided I was going to find my own food, at Safeway if necessary. So off I went, in full Mard Mode. Mr Criz followed me, argument, he came with me to the Duke, where the steak and ale pie was so hot it was still bubbling at me as I took the pastry off -yum!
Messed about on the beach a bit, then spent the evening watching crap telly.

Tuesday -packing finished, fry up at the Marine, cakes bought from the bakery, and off home. Bloody foggy on the moors. Mr Criz panicked, because I was doing 60. And 60 approaching that horrible bridge. By the time we got near Doncaster, he was complaining I couldn’t possibly drive and chew my nails at the same time. Got pissed off and made him drive.
Got home to find the kittens had demolished a toilet roll and spread it all over the kitchen floor, and the rats smell. Chilled out, looked at photos (not that good, really) and fussed the cats. Only 6 months till the next one!


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