Interesting Weekend

Posted: June 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

I’ve read my books now, and I went to Sainsburys (Organic Supermarket of the Year – Hah!) to get some grub. THe first had a pitiful array of organic veg, but I got some cheese, yoghurt, milk and choc. I asked where the organic meat was, and there wasn’t any in that day. Pathetic.
Yesterday I went to the bigger one, and managed to get some fruit and veg, but one question – why get organic onions from Argentina? It’s not like they don’t grow here. FFS. THey at least had a dedicated organic meat section, buthad no organic chicken. Useless.
Bought flour and made bread. THe wholemaeal is lovely, and the white rolls with feta were a triumph. Hovis can shove it, and so can Sainsburys with their Di-esters of something-or-other.

Went to Soundhaus and it was fab. A bit bleepy, but managed to give deadvision a hug and said hello to digi_droid, who was wearing a rather stunning dress which would make anyone less than perfect look like a fat blob (can’t do links, sorry), just too crap to talk to people properly.

Absolutely cacking it now over tomorrows interview, and still have no outfit. THis lunchtime will be mostly spent traipsing around horror ‘trendy’ shops


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