Nice day for it…..

Posted: June 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

Was supposed to go to The Wake last night, but sadly, Mr Criz was tired after driving down from Middlesborough the night befor. Today he is off to Southampton (only for a day, this time!), so he really didn’t want the drive.

The cinema was an option, but I don’t want to see the US glorifying wankfest of The Day After Tomorrow, we saw Harry’s Potty last week, and Van Helsing is only on at MK – near midnight!

Saw a listing for Requiem, in Northampton, and mentioned it. It appears Criz knew about it but had forgotten. So off we went.

Was nice to see Monty out. He never goes out in Northampton becaue he never feels safe, in fact we only ever see him at Whitby. It’s his birthday on Monday, so that’s why he was out. Bullied him into letting us give him a lift home. Music wasn’t bad, but it seemed there wasn’t really a mix – it was either really old stuff no-one under 30 remembers, or dodgy remixes. Good atmosphere though. Venue not as pretty as Spiders, if the DJs went to the Wake or the Coven, might give them the right idea.

Stood around like a flid feeling underdressed as usual, due to ‘I’m a fat bastard and look shite in everything’ trauma. Also complete with Def Leppard mullet haircut (GROW, damn hair!), and spoke to about 3 people because I am a social retard. Danced a lot though, even though halfway through, realised I dance like no-one (or nothing) on this earth and must have looked a total pillock. Hopefully I was in time at least.

Off now to a car boot sale, to buy yet more books and general dodginess


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