Hmmm Dilemma

Posted: June 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

I had this friend. She was nice, but insecure. She laid her worth by how slim she was, and how outrageously dressed. Her insecurities made me feel like shit. She’d go on about how fat she was (when I’m a good 2 sizes bigger) etc etc.

Her favourite thing was to name drop, if she’d met someone big in the ‘scene’, which in turn made me feel like a smalltown redneck. She always wanted to be part of the ‘in’ crowd.

She did something that really offended me a few years ago, and though I say hello if I see her, it just isn’t the same.

Problem is this;

Inside, she is a really nice person, not bitchy, but a bit tactless. Problem is, her boyfriend goes on about how wonderful she is (which makes me feel worthless, because I never do anything in comparison), how talented, pretty etc, and the damn name dropping still goes on.

But I miss her, and hate the bad feeling. I’ve forgiven, but won’t forget.

I know I have self-esteem problems of my own, but need to overcome them so I can talk to this girl.



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