Mmm tofu?

Posted: June 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

Went to the health food shop yesterday, and spoke to the lovely lady who works there. She’s a vegan and doesn’t eat wheat, but she told me what she did eat -I even got to sample some lentil bread (which was tasty, if a bit dry, and far lighter than the usual gluten-free bricks), and some form of tofu and lentil sausage (which was surprisingly nice).

So I bought some, and a plethora of tofu goodies. Now I just have to hope they taste nice. After going on to organic meat, I find it is expensive, soI need something else to make up my protein needs. After doing the maths, I need 2204 kcal a day for maintenance (if I exercise 5 times a week), or 1873 to lose flab, which isn’t too restrictive. Of that, around 280g a day is carbs, 101g is protein and 21g is fat. Or rather, should be. That’s a lot of protein.


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