Phew, what a day!

Posted: July 5, 2004 in Uncategorized

Talk about bloody drama!

The RAC man agreed it was the master cylinder at fault – nice bill for #100 when I decide to fix it then. Typically, bloody brakes worked fine when he turned up, but it will happen again, so I was towed home.

Got home to find a letter from my dad and a cheque! That’ll pay off a chunk of my credit card bill, and pay for Whitby cottage and tickets – hurrah! Now I can cut up said credit card, as they’ve just put the interest rate up. Bastards.

Drove to gym in the Escort, which was, frankly, almost as bad as No-Brakes Nova. Had to clear all the shit out of the Golf and put some petrol in it for tomorrow. Someone tell me, why would anyone have a deep fat fryer, a complete 4 place dinner service, a couple of casserole dishes, a cat food bowl, a carpet and four wheels in the boot and back seat of their car? Well I have. Or had. It’s now in Criz’s car. I still have two petrol cans in the front footwell though.

Even my PT is getting agitated by my utter lack of inch loss. My diet has changed, I do the gym thing 5 times a week, she’s at a loss. After taking advice, it’s more cardio for me, and I’m banned from my heavy weights for 2 weeks 😮
She also suggested protein drinks – she says she lost loads of fat with these. Anyone know of one that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, and isn’t totally gopping?


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