Back to normal

Posted: July 8, 2004 in Uncategorized

So, no bollocking from boss, he must have been in a good mood. Someone grassed me up about my internet usage (i.e. all day) – someone who doesn’t even work in the fucking office, but someone who was visiting! Bitch!

Lot of ‘someones’ there.

Weird letter from Mother. Basically she wants me to take lots of herbal medicines, and she will send me lots of them, whatever she finds. And I should take fennel seeds, they are good for my disposition.

I am 30 fucking years old, I am quite capable of buying my own supplements (and I regularly do), and I do not need fennel seeds, I am not constipated, I eat plenty of fibre.

Bought protein powder from the gym. First I tried a bit with water. It reminded me of those worming powders Mother forced down me as a child *gag*, so I had it with milk – better. It actually tastes nice mixed with milk and real strawberries, because it goes frothy in a blender, so I’m happy. I can stomach it.

Fairy if you are reading this, I feel a braid moment coming on – would love ‘hair’ for school do, Lush party and Spiders on the 17th *beg, grovel, crawl*


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