Ranty ranty rant rant

Posted: July 13, 2004 in Uncategorized

So, yet again, the government decides to save money by trying to get shot of the civil service?

1 in 5 civil servants will lose their jobs.

That’ll put the unemployment figures up.
In the next breath, they say they want to improve public services. HOW CAN THEY, WHEN THEY’RE EFFECTIVELY SACKING 20% OF THE STAFF?
The unions say we’ll strike. Imagine how the general public will react to that. No Customs or Immigration staff on border control, no-one at the DVLA to process your tax disc, or licence application, you won’t get your passport in time for your holiday, your emergency tax won’t get sorted out, your benefits won’t be paid, there will be no-one to take your teenagers driving test, no food will get in, no Customs or Defra staff to check it, no court cases heard, no defence against terrorism.

Of course, a lot of those made redundant will be entitled to redundancy pay, which is expensive. A year later, they will employ casual staff to do the same job, effectively wasting that redundancy money. It has happened before, and will happen again.

THe government want to privatise everything. You cannot privatise tax collection, law enforcement and defence. It leads to corruption, it’s ridiculous.

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