Nicked off the forum

Posted: July 14, 2004 in Uncategorized

Apparently what my personality is, in relation to month of birth. Comments added.

* Loyal and generous – usually
* Patriotic – to my country, but not my government
* Active in games and interactions – eh?
* Impatient and hasty – Oh yes!
* Ambitious – Yep.
* Influential in organizations – Not in mine, I’m not.
* Fun to be with – Hope so :/
* Loves to socialize – You must be joking! I am original wallflower
* Loves praises – ? I assume that means praise. Doesn’t everyone?
* Loves attention – Only the good kind. I don’t seem to get much of that.
* Loves to be loved – Of course
* Honest and trustworthy – pretty much.
* Not pretending – Nope. What you see is what you get.
* Short tempered – Very. Everything else about me is short, why not that?
* Changing personality – All the time.
* Not egoistic – Not really, no.
* Takes high pride in oneself – Sometimes, on a good day.
* Hates restrictions – Definitely.
* Loves to joke – Yep.
* Good sense of humor – if good means dark, sarcastic, cynical, then yes.
* Logical – Sometimes too logical, in a Vulcanesque kind of way.

So it’s not too untrue then.

Mr Criz not feeling too travel sick – he’s on the hunt for ginger biscuits at the mo.

Anyone watch that You Are What You Eat last night? That woman drank a gallon of pop a day -bloody hell! And her cupboards! I’d be ill if I ate that!

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