Marvellous weekend had by all accounts

Posted: July 18, 2004 in Uncategorized

Went to Notts yesterday, met up with nonnymus and went to Lush for the Free Bee thingy.
Managed to get a t-shirt for myself and Mr Criz (one of each colour) You had to see Mr C in a canary yellow t-shirt to believe it! We got a goody bag each, another one when I bought stuff AND a 15% discount – Bargain! Totalled up the contents of the goody bags when we got back – 25 – 30 quids worth of stuff! Mainly bath bombs, but included 2 World Pieces, and 3 Butterballs which Mr C is happy about!

Went to schools 50th anniversary ‘do’ – saw my old best mate Elaine as we arrived so I wasn’t the only person to go in with funny coloured hair 😉 Met up with Clare who I haven’t seen since school. It’s frightening how we all seemed to look the same, but the boys were all taller and wider! On one of the displays was an appalling picture of me in a black pencil skirt and a ‘nice’ Miami Vice pastel blue jacket – yum. Must have been about 13 at the time. The joys of the 80s…
The thing that really struck me was the security – there were fences and gates eerywhere, yet when I went there, you had free access around the buildings even at night (because we used to play there). The high railings are really ugly and the school looks a bit dilapidated, though it appears an awful lot of money has been spent on computer equipment.

Went to Spiders in the evening and met up with sushimonster and eeymsmo, though sadly I had to leave early because I was knackered. Wanted to stay this morning to see daevid and simonsatori but we have to get back for Criz to go to work tomorrow.

Nice to be back eating properly – weekends away always end up as a junk food fest. I actually had chips yesterday *gasp*, but they were damn nice – fried as well!

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