Posted: July 21, 2004 in Uncategorized

My weights ban has been lifted!

I set off to the gym with my new programme (pinched from M&F) in my hot little hands.

Which idiot decided bench press and squats on the same day are a good idea?

Have lost a bit of strength, which I’m not happy about, but I had jelly legs at the end of it.

Then I did the cardio…..

And had to skip the last 2 minutes of the cool down because I felt a bit giddy. Won’t do THAT again.

In other news, my calorie and fat intake were way over, carbs and protein down. With some monir adjustments, should be OK. I ate the higher fat versions of my meals ysterday, so hopefully today will be better.

Have to go to charity shop today – need more ‘smart’ work clothes – boo!


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