All sorted.

Posted: July 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

Mr Criz loved his pressies (School of Rock and boxed set of Monty Python DVDs), but he got back too late for us to get to the Rome Burns gig – boo! He hopes it all went well for you though 😉

Saturday, went to the Keyfers wedding, which was fab (oh how the other half live), we even had a posh sit down meal of warm duck salad, roast beef, yorkshire pud and veg, and pineapple and five-spice ice cream – yummy! I even danced. Met some nice people, and one of his mates who always hated me, admitted I wasn’t a ‘fat gobby Northerner’ after all, and I was actually quite nice. Highlight of the day, was after I overheard two bints calling me a freak *yawn*, at the end, Keyfer told us loads of people had asked him who the ‘people in leather’ were, because they looked fantastic. Ha! And Ha! to Ms A. Rexic and Ms. O. Rangeface for being so rude

Sunday was spent feeling sorry for myself with a migraine, but we went out to the classic car cruise by the river. Saw Susie, who was a very good friend of mine, until the shit hit the fan. I always had my suspicions as to who was stirring, lying etc etc (Dont’cha just love the bitchiness of Bedford?), and last night it was confirmed. Funny, I asked this person straight out if they’d spread the rumours, and he denied it. I told him if I ever found out who’d done it, I’d break their legs……
The other culprit had done even worse thigs than I’d thought. He’s in big trouble.

Get two insecure people together, then stir to make them feel bad about themselves, and also believe the other person hates them…..that’s despicable, and they’re not getting away with it. And we’re all friends again, the air has been cleared, explanations made, and bollocks to the lot of them, two faced, deceitful gossipmongers that they are.


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