Bit worried…

Posted: July 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

Got a doctors appointment later- I found a new mole yesterday. It doesn’t look ‘iffy’, but I’ve noticed a few new ones, all the same – perfectly round and in places that rarely see the sun (i mean my legs and belly, rude people! Might have to have them cut out – nice.

Also going to ask him about my spots. God, do I have spots, real nasty red sore acne spots – and they’ve spread to my neck and chest. Lovely. I suspect the Depo, but it cleared up last time, and it wasn’t THIS bad. Make up doesn’t hide the fact my skin is the texture of porridge, all sore and red with little painful blistery spots. It’s disgusting. I’ve got blackheads as well. I haven’t had skin this bad since I was 18.

Missing Mr Criz 😦


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