Good weekend

Posted: August 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

Saturday started off crap, woke up at 4am by rats fighting. Had a look in the morning to find Hamnpork had a very swollen and bloody paw. Vet said it was broken and to bring him back after 5 days. If it was still knackered it would have to be amputated. Not good.

Went to Barbeque at Granny Chris’s which was good. I really should get out more.

Went to Soundy in the evening. Finally got to chat to   who was looking very attractive (and slim grr) in trad gear. Took a couple of minutes to work it out….

Still didn’t manage to chat to   though I did get a dig in the ribs. And her hair was yellower than mine 😉

Also saw and spoke to Helen, her mate, Tom, Lucy, Mark, Liz, Gav and . Music was good, heat was not funny. I actually saw the sweat dripping down my arms.

This morning I went shopping. Tesco for a change, because I thought it would be cheaper. Is it shit! Still have to suffer the boredom of Sainsbury’s tomorrow to get what Tesco overcharge on/don’t have.

Took my braids out – they were easy, I just pulled them. A lot of hair came outwhen I brushed it out though. A LOT. No more extensions till Whitby then. I am now officially Mullety again.


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