Been thinking…

Posted: August 4, 2004 in Uncategorized

You may remember a while ago, I was debating whether to talk to an old friend who had really upset me. THe general consensus (here and on the forum) was no. I got to talk to her recently, and found out why it had gone tits up, and who had spread rumours/told lies etc etc. It was no surprise. One of the culprits I have to be very careful of, for various reasons (not for myself, but he could cause trouble for someone else), the other, I just want to kick repeatedly in the head.

Let’s put it this way;
He bullied said friend at school for being ‘weird’, then becomes Mr uber-goth himself, as if he’s always been this ‘big man’, reckons himself some big-shot of the goth scene, and is so two-faced it’s funny. I don’t know why he spread the rumours, probably just thought it was a laugh, but he’s really pissed me off! At least I dragged a couple of people away from his party last week. And boycotted the one before that.
I asked him outright and he denied it. Arsehole.

I’m getting violent thoughts now, I really want to give the tosser a good slap. All he wants is fame and people who will hang on to his every word. Maybe he’s realised I’ve seen through him.

Some of you on here may well know him. Wonder if he has a LJ?


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