Hmmm Weekend update thingy

Posted: August 9, 2004 in Uncategorized

Friday we went to Esquires, which was actually GOOD. Pete was on holiday, so we actually got a proper alternative night. Goth, metal, punk the lot. Apparently the owner was inundated with requests to sack Pete. Ha.

Saturday we went around town, and due to my utter revolting fatness, ended up with very sore chafed thighs. Walking home was agony. Which meant that I had to wear cut off jeans yesterday. Made me look even fatter 😦 Went to see Liz in the evening, good conversation, nice chilled evening, and the two faced tosser I mentioned the other day was there being such a crawly bumlick it was funny. He doesn’t suspect I know yet….

But the car show was good. Saw a gorgeous 100e in lilac with a 2litre conversion -everything I ever wanted – apart from the £3400 price tag. Very tempted though *drool*

Today I am sitting in a bloody hot 31C office with wasps and traffic fumes (if we don’t open the windows we suffocate). On top of that, it appears the forum has gone tits up. Again.

Mr Criz is home now, and staying that wy! We are off to Yorkshire next week, just have to remind Shaun we are coming up, and get someone to feed the animals….

This office sucks, I feel so dizzy and headachey.


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