I’m back!

Posted: August 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

In shitty Bedford, but Yorkshire was good.

Went to Stump Cross Caverns – very pretty – lots of weird rock formations. The stalagmites looked like wax.
Brimham rocks was cool, but it started to piss it down.
Failed to get to the Forbidden Corner due to bloody HT lead problems.
Ate too much junk food (actually fish and mushy peas is healthy, and Fat Rascals are full of energy giving carbs ;P)

Definitely going to redecorate bedroom. In green. That was a suprise, wasn’t it? However, it will be a pale green. Not very goth at all.

Got back to find freezer door not shut properly, loads of ice and defrosted food. Had to empty fridge and freezer of food and go to Tesco for more supplies. Bloody marvellous – had loads of expensive meat in the freezer, too!


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