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Posted: August 21, 2004 in Uncategorized
I Heart The 90s
First of all, were you born in the mid/late 80s? No
If so, what year?
Did you own any jelly shoes? No – too poor
…do you still have them? No
What was your favorite Power Ranger? None they were shite
Could you name all of the Ninja Turtles? Yes
Name as many as you can. Michaelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael
Who’s cooler… Alex Mac or Clarissa? Who?
Did you ever try to climb up a ladder to your best friend’s room? NO, climbed on the porch roof
How many times did you watch ‘Scream’? Once
…did you think it was scary? No
Did you own a pair of Zubaz? What the hell…
…how many…what color?
Weren’t Koosh Balls fun as hell? No
Eh… what were they for, anyway? Throwing at people
How many Beanie Babies did you own? A couple – the bats and rat
Did your mother ever have to tackle somebody for one? No
Did you/your parents cry when Kurt died? No
…do you think Courtney did it? She didn’t exactly help
Did your parents vote for Clinton? No, I’m English
How did they react to the whole “Monica” ordeal? It was funny, British politicians been doing it for years
Did you watch Friends? No, it is shite
Who’s your favorite character?
What is your favorite ‘Friends’ expression?
What is your favorite ‘Seinfeld’ expression? That’s shite too
Who’s worse… Barney or Tinkie-Winkie? Barney must die
Did your family have a fallout shelter for ‘Y2K’? No
Where were you and what were you doing on New Year’s eve, 1999? Can’t remember
And finally… what is your favorite thing about the 90s? Leaving school

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