Posted: August 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

Did the hair – hoping it’s not hurting too much!
Have my hair, and it’s all lovely bright shades of red! Once I’ve worked out how to make dreads, I’ll be sorted!

Went to a ‘seminar’ yesterday. One of those where management try to tell you that all the new changes are for the better. Much fun was had playing ‘Who can ask the most awkward question?’ and ‘Watch them squirm’ Customer service my arse! (and they’re not customers, because they generally have no choice)Repeat after me ‘I am NOT a VAT inspector, If I wanted to spend all day looking at cash books, I would have become one. Piss off and let me do my job properly’

Must go to gym tonight. Had horrific bellyache last night, so stayed in and tidied the kitchen drawers (no mean feat, I have never seen so many carrier bags in my life!)

Off to MK tomorrow – first trip to MK Lush, I NEED my AM!


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