Doing something constructive

Posted: September 7, 2004 in Uncategorized

Just been spring cleaning my cupboard at work, and now have all my files in the correct piles. As I’ve just got a load more, this makes my life easier, and makes me feel all organised and capable (yeah, right)

Now I feel motivated to ring up thoses people who don’t want to see me, and warn them that I will indeed just turn up on their doorstep.

Off to the gym tonight with Mr Criz and Lucy. Hopefully he won’t be tempted by the Spinning class…:/

Had the group interview at WHSmith last night. Considering the balls up I made of the Lush group interview, I’m not holding out that much hope, but it would be nice – I mean, me working in a bookshop! Heard nothing from Lush and the Origins woman hasn’t rung yet.

Must go about looking for a steamer today, I really should get started on those dreads…


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