New toy!

Posted: September 12, 2004 in Uncategorized

Went to Chavgos today and bought a wallpaper stripper (aka dread steamer) for the bargain price of £30.

Had dread steaming tuition and managed to find my nit comb today. I’ve made 5 double enders so far (only 60 to go!) and I was convinced they were shite at first, but now they’ve dried a bit they’re not bad. A little uneven, and bits poking out, but I hink it’s more my backcombing that is to blame there. Practice will hopefully make better, and with luck, before I’ve done the first packet!

They’re a bit short, considering the alarming length the hair was to start with!

Good BBQ last night, ate many ribs and chocolates.

I’m off for a bit of backcombing while watching Heartbeat and dreaming of Whitby…..


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