Posted: September 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

To all you moany people at work;

Yes, the work is shit and pointless, a waste of money and time, and is just there to get some power-suited yes-woman a promotion, BUT

Just get on with it. We can all put it in writing on our reports that there is not a problem, the risks they are talking about are non-existent, and they will learn that if they just let us get on with our job, things would be a lot better.

No matter how much you man and complain, nothing wil change. We just have to sit and suffer, be called inefficient, faceless bureaucrats by the very same people who make up these ludicrous policies and projects, then in 5 years, they will change it back to the way it was.

Oh the joys of the civil service.

Still depressed about being technically obese. I don’t really look that big at all. Ridiculous.

Better do some work, before someone accuses me of wasting taxpayers money (even though they don’t pay my wages anyway)


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