Day 2, and all’s OK

Posted: September 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

Going well. If nothing else, it’s forcing me to eat ‘proper’ dinners. Last night was salad, carrots jacket spud and fish. Yummy.

THis morning I have eaten most of a protein bar, and it hasn’t made me gag. Still a bit blu-tacky to chew on but it has caramel and chocolate like a ‘proper’ choccy bar. Bit sweet though.

Looks like we’ll be buying our old Crapi back. We’ll have to put the interior back in and repaint it blue, but it’s in better nick than the ‘scort, and it’s HUGE.

Went on the treadmill last night and managed to run continuously for 25 minutes – woohoo! My new record. My legs are stiff and my knees are clicky. THough that may have more to do with sitting in traffic for nearly 2 hours this morning. I could smell burning clutches all around (not mine, for a change!)


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