I am knackered…..

Posted: October 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

I got up FAR too early this morning, to beat the horror that is the school run traffic, and now I am knackered. The food thing is going well, except that Luton Holland & Barrett are shite and don’t sell the nice protein bars. Have to go to Bedford tomorrow.

The Rammstein album ROCKS, and we will be burning two copies tonight – one for each of our cars, as they both have evil CD-eater-players. Nothing like blasting out a vitriolic ‘Amerika’ to put you in a good mood.

Actually, the problem with the food thing is (apparently, if anyone watched the body odour programme last night), poor protein digestion or eating too many sulphurus veg. As I eat mainly chicken and fish, it must be the onions to blame ;p

Really hope this protein powder tastes OK. I can’t afford to eat 4 chicken breasts a day. (I can see myself cooking egg-white omelettes, oh the joy!)

Trying to get Mr Criz to the gym later – if he’s going to do the ‘fun’ run, he needs to practice!


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