More food… and cars

Posted: October 2, 2004 in Uncategorized

Went to the health food shop today – The woman in there is mad as a spoon, but great! She is allergic to allsorts, but everything she has pointed me in the direction of tastes really nice!
So now I have some Kashi grains as a change from rice (they had no spelt), and some millet flakes for porridge (as oatmeal is slime city -yuk), more flavoured tofu – rosso (which is tomatoes and chilli and garlic), and the smoked stuff with sesame and almonds.
She also pointed us to a vegan Chinese restaurant which makes food that tastes ‘like the real thing’, instead of crap.

Also found out the other fundamental difference between ‘sports’ and ‘vanity’. Protein bars. If they are marketed for sportspeople, athletes, bodybuilders etc (and they are even displayed separately in most shops), they are really expensive and taste like nothing on earth. They also have the consistency of blu-tak.
If they are marketed for people on ‘low-carb’ diets, or have ‘Atkins’ on them, they are still extortionate, but are palatable. In fact the Carb Minders and Atkins ones we had today were actually -*gasp*- nice!. Of course, if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re not going to buy something that tastes rank, are you? And at least they are no longer stuffed with aspartame. Sucralose is still nasty, but doesn’t make me retch, so that’s good.

In other news, we have sold the ‘Scort, hopefully to a better place, someone who can weld and spend the money on it it deserves. We are buying Rod back, however it is now a jigsaw puzzle – sort of ‘rebuild the interior from the parts given’. It also needs a paint job. Even though I hate blue, that was the colour it used to be, but I don’t think that’ll happen. Currently it’s blue, red and matt black, and it’s looking very sorry for itself. I’m very glad we have it back. I still feel guilty because it was sold when I was still a learner, and I was scared of crashing it. It was all my fault it got sold in the first place…


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