Today I have been…

Posted: October 11, 2004 in Uncategorized

….complaining to Tropicana and Aldwyck about shitty ANC drivers who claim they have left a card (not my protein then?) when they haven’t, or if they have, why didn’t they walk up the stairs and put it in my letterbox? Tossers.
Arguing with the credit card company who didn’t receive last months payment (I sent it). Arse.
Went to the gym, did the programme plus weights. Found out the hotel I will be in for 3 days this week is really posh, has lovely food, but NO GYM. It has an outdoor pool. In October, in Portsmouth, I don’t think so!
So now I have to pack.
And I must shave my legs. I am a lazy cow, and haven’t shaved them for four months. Wish I could get away with not shaving the pits!


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