Got me kit back on and at the end of tether.

Posted: October 14, 2004 in Uncategorized

Just got back from Portsmuff – ate too much yummy posh fattening hotel food – but even the cheesecake beat me today. Get back to find the protein powder that was due Wednesday has still not arrived. ANC can fusk off, they are getting SUCH a rude phone call tomorrow! Bastard shite delivery drivers.

I did, however get two Mother Parcels (TM). Oh yes. The first contained some one-dose packs of……Anusol. Fucking pile cream. Marvellous.

Opened parcel two (after picking up jaw from ground), to find….a box of liquorice (OK) Soap. Soap. Asda moisturising soap and PEars. Again. She sent me soap a couple of weeks ago. HELLO? Lush addict here, I still have soap left over from last sodding Christmas! I do not NEED soap. Ever! (For a couple of years, anyway!) And the ultimate? Canesten pessaries. Nice.

In all seriousness though, she’s trying to medicate me (horrid flashbacks to being force-fed Pripsen as a child), and she’s spending all this money on things she can’t afford, and that I don’t want or need. I feel like an ungrateful bitch, but I just can’t use this stuff! I could give it away, but she’s spent money. I feel such a cow.

And her mobile is permanently off. She needs help. I don’t know what to do.

Never mind piles and thrush, I think I’m getting an ulcer….


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