Bah – *sniffle*

Posted: October 18, 2004 in Uncategorized

Coming down with a bloody cold! Have runny right itchy nostril, horrible big red sore golf ball tonsils and a sore throat. Bleh, at least it will have cleared up by the time we goto Whitby. I had a cold at Whitby once – black eyeliner and red crusty skin under nose is NOT a good look!

Have paid deposit on cottage for next year – hurrah. I am poor. Must fill out that Amazon form. Also have four companies to see and write about by Friday. With a cold. Lovely. Firdt glad diggit do dottighab plead….


My protein powder has finally arrived! Mr Criz will be bringing it home later. At least with this cold, if it tastes shit, I’ll never notice *grin*

50 dreadies made, another 25 to go (they are very thin)

The Caca didn’t take, so Mr Criz has nice shiny dark brown hair. Now have to go buy chemical laden carcinogenic crap. Poo.


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