Posted: October 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

Well, I got my protein powder – they sent me a free shaker for it too! Tried the mint choc chip one this morning – it actually smelled nice. Tried it with soy milk this morning. It tasted OK, though there was the proteiny taste lurking in the background. It was VERY sweet (well, it’s Canadian, and they like sweet things as much as the Americans!), so next time may try with water or cows milk. Bearable, though I have never tasted anything so sweet in my life!

Must make dreadies tonight. THe steam will clear my nose. Must also get crappy hair dye for Mr Criz.

Criz is enjoying his rice meals which is good, though the breadmaker is a bit neglected during the week (weekends are a toast-fest!)

I feel like crap. Hungry, queasy, headachey, wooly head, blocked nose and dry tickly throat. It was a good excuse to buy that Green & Blacks ice cream yesterday! (I only had a bit!)

May pamper myself tonight. I have a few Christmas Parties and Hot Toddies left from last year. I can use them up now to make way for more (you never know if they’re coming back, or not)


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