For richer, for poorer….

Posted: October 22, 2004 in Uncategorized

Very much poorer….
Have now decided to get ANOTHER loan to clear remaining credit. Will
then cut up/burn credit cards and close down accounts. Loan is
infinitely cheaper, too (well half the interest, anyway)
Really need a second job. Will ring M&S tomorrow and post that
bloody Amazon form.
Will make some more dreads tonight, when migraine subsides. Marvellous,
get rid of the cold, get a sodding headache. Will go buy painkillers
then make some dreads. Will aim for around 20 tonight, that just leaves
15 or so. Might dye my hair, too. Mixture of pillarbox and fire red,
and leave it on all night.
Almost time for the Whitby frenzy of washing clothes, packing stuff etc
etc. Will go into loft tonight to see if any of the clothes up there
fit me (yeah, right, there is a reason they are in the loft, after
Oh well, I’m so poor I won’t be able to afford any food this month
anyway :s Just have to live off what’s in the cupboards and freezer.
Belly pork and blackberries in syrup, anyone?
Actually, really looking forward to it this year, just a shame more of
us couldn’t come, it would be nice for ALL of us to be there (though
there may be fights, so er… maybe not!). There’s always April, and at
least I’ve paid the deposit on the cottage for next year. I bet
everyone will have red hair this year *humph*
Looking forward to seeing
in braids, though he will now feel the pain himself Muahahahahaha! 


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