Nnghhh! panic panic busy busy

Posted: October 23, 2004 in Uncategorized

And so the Whitby frenzy begins…..

Today I have been buying nail varnish and stuff for
I also dyed his hair, crimped it backcombed it and did his makeup for a
party. The washing machine has been on all afternoon, washing towels
and white shirts, and now I’ve just started on the clothes we’re
actually taking.

And I made 10 dreads, only 30 more to go. I will try to make more
tonight and tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we are doing his hair. Monday
will be doing other people’s hair, and Tuesday my own. In between then
I have to pack, wash yet more clothes, find the download cables for the
cameras, eat, sleep, shit…..

And I MUST get that dye on my head tonight, so my hair will be all red tomorrow!
Oh yeah, and get the car to Shit-Fit because my downpipe has split –
the only sodding part Mr C can’t actually make, so I have to pay to get
the bastard thing fitted (because we don’t have time to do it ourself!)

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