More tiredness. but the end is in sight!

Posted: October 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

I actually got to the gym today! Did weights, and there was only a little pink sweat. We did mine and Liz’s hair, so we’re all looking good now! Bought essential supplies, cat food (for the cats, obviously!) breakfast cereal and fruit. This year I will NOT be buying brek at the bakery, lunch at pub and supper at pizza place every single day. I will try to be healthier. My boot will be packed with the usual plus the cereal, fruit, protein and supplements. And my gym kit, of course!
So now I have a head of lovely red dready hair – yay!

Now I am off to finish packing, and clean up a bit. I just want to sleep.

And Kwik-Shit, you are a rip-off! £63 for a downpipe – a downpipe! Apparently Novas do not qualify for the 60% off exhausts offer. Thousands of exhausts my arse, I bet that’s only for new cars, or those that have no history of exhaust issues EVER. Bastards. At least they didn’t tell me I needed new tyres (I do, but they’re still legal, so bollocks to them)


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