Posted: November 6, 2004 in Uncategorized

A bit gutted but not surprised that Rammstein have sold out, however I have seen them twice, I shouldn’t be greedy.
Cheered up considerably as we have booked tickets to see Velvet Revolver in Brum on Jan 18th – woohoo! Mmmm Duff….*drool*
We can’t afford it but hell, it’s an early birthday pressie for myself!
Just been to see firework display and eat greasy veg burger. Yummy but I feel a bit bloated and queasy now – see what healthy eating does for you?

Mr Criz has motivated me to learn guitar again – mine was pinched 10 years ago, and I had mastered ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ and the ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ solo too! Luckily local music shop sells left handed guitars (and basses) and can order me a left handed Les Paul (like I can afford it!) if I want one. I think the copy will have to do for now. Shame it’s called AXL.


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