Ming ming mingy ming ming……..

Posted: November 13, 2004 in Uncategorized

Cleaning up the cat litter tray last night (heave) we noticed a couple
of beetle things. Then a few more odd millipedey type things,

has a complete panic, thinking we have cockroaches. Empty the recycling
bin to find 7 or 8 of the things at the bottom of the bin. Everything
in that bin is supposed to be cleaned!
Reassured him they were not cockroaches.
Just looked on the net. They appear to be the larvae of some type of
pantry beetle. Lovely. The good news? They are completely harmless (and
probably an excellent source of protein!) But still…*shudder*
So our kitchen is officially hanging. I remember the cat sitter
mentioning the rat food was infested with beetles. I’m too scared to go
in the airing cupboard…..
Have dug Kim and Aggies book out of the mess, stocked up on dusters,
discloths and tea towels, and will be annihilating the kitchen tomorrow
(with a little help from Mr Criz)



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