Cleaning the gopping kitchen, clubs and stuff

Posted: November 14, 2004 in Uncategorized

The living room is lovely and sparkly clean! Took me ages yesterday, and it is a symphony of brown and yellow (how very goth!) but it’s TIDY. And I bought some cheapy throws from QD to hide the 70’s brown striped sofa with cat-shredded frames. Now I just need to get shot of swirly yellow carpet!

Today I will be tackling the kitchen horror, which means washing everything up then realising I have no space left to put it away.

Went to the Coven last night. It was good, but it took me a while to get into it. Everyone cried off because they were ill/skint/in France so we thought we were alone. Luckily Scottt and Eyelash turned up so we had a chat with them. Scottt may be coming over next week to teach Mr Criz some basic music theory for bass and how to improvise. Should improve his confidence no end.

We like going to the Coven, the DJs always look pleased to see us. Also managed to leave a pile of Rome Burns flyers on the ‘flyer table’, and the pile had seriously diminished by the end of the night – yay!
Only downer was that on the way home, Mr Criz told us we’d been getting ‘looks’ from some of the people there. One or two are regulars too. Funniest thing? Bunch of girls who were stood at the side of the dancefloor taking the piss out of everyone on there then realised that that particular night wasn’t gay majority (The Coven is held in a gay bar, and is usually shared quite peacefully), and that they looked silly. And that they were getting battered (they were taking up a lot of dancefloor space)

Must. Go. And. Clean. Sink. So. I. Can. Wash. Up.


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