Hands all dry because of Jif and more mingy nastiness

Posted: November 14, 2004 in Uncategorized

Kitchen all sparkly clean and lovely.

Starving, but eating an apple because I don’t want to make a mess by cooking anything (and the floor is still wet)

More beetles in a stewpot. Suspect they are, in fact from the (ecological, hence pesticide free) cat litter, which is why they were in the bin (next to the cat litter tray) and in the stew pot (next to the airing cupboard where cat litter kept)

Hmmm…that’s the same litter we use for the rats (though they’ve probably eaten the bugs!)

ETA: Found out it was not pile cream my mother sent me, it was suppositories! So, she wants me to have one Anusol suppository and a Canesten pessary every day ‘to make you feel better’

BUT the suppository should be rinsed with Dettol first, apparently.

Wouldn’t that fucking STING? Especially if I did have piles.


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