Posted: November 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

So… I had my half year review. My work is fine but I’m disorganised, and I’ll get a low mark if I don’t sort it out. I’ve ALWAYS been disorganised. Now I will have to write lists and stick them everywhere so I can remember everything.
Spent a couple of days in Gatwick getting my kit off and reading the Guardian. That stupid bint has got pregnant again after having an abortion, and her mother blames the school saying she wouldn’t have had to replace the baby if she hadn’t been allowed to have the abortion in the first place. ARGH! Contraception is free in this country, why the hell don’t people use it? It’s not like you even need your parent’s permission or anything (a good thing, if my mother is anything to go by).
Bastard evil cats. While I was away, one of them pissed on the bed. It’s not even as if the tray was dirty. THe other one had me up 3 times to stop him from chewing boots/scratching the carpet/fighting etc. And he knocked the (full) kettle over. He does it for attention. When no-one’s in the house, they don’t bother. Well, he wants to go out, he can. It’s been snowing, it will snow again. He’ll soon come back in…..
Will be taking my great hair out this weekend. I bet I’ve lost loads.
And I’m hungry. Mr Criz had no breakfast food in, and an apple, pomegranate and Actimel does not constitute a hearty breakfast in my opinion. Off to shop for food, I think!


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