Pleased with myself and stew.

Posted: November 21, 2004 in Uncategorized

Actually got to the gym this morning and received admiring glances from a couple of blokes because I can do ‘proper’ press ups!

Stuffing a corned beef sarnie while Mr Criz is next door with Scottt. Scottt is teaching him the fundamentals of bass, and he is happy. He thinks he is learning something. With any luck, he can have the car tomorrow evening as I will be at the gym early.

Stew cooking in slow cooker. Apparently the last one was really nice, but I was in Gatwick. This time, I’m doing dumplings. Now, there’s a dilemma – the beef suet (lots of saturated fat) or reduced fat vegetable suet (main ingredient hydrogenated palm and/or vegetable oil)? If you really want to kill yourself off, the Atora beef suet has hydrogenated beef fat AS WELL AS normal beef fat. Yum. Feel those arteries clog….

I really should stop reading labels :/


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