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Posted: November 25, 2004 in Uncategorized

Self pity rant!
Bought some jeans in the summer. They were comfy and stretchy and a bit loose around the waist. Put them on this morning, and they are tight – WTF? Even allowing for wash/tumble dry. I have been wearing them for 3 hours and they still hurt. This is really taking the piss. For a year now, I’ve been eating healthily, exercising blah blah and I’m FATTER. I don’t get it. It hasn’t turned to muscle either, because my bodyfat has remained the same. I don’t know why I bother.
The only thing that worked was the Carol Vorderman Detox which was a living hell for a carnivorous dairy fiend like myself. But I lost 9lbs and a couple of inches from my waist. Problem is, I didn’t exercise at the time. When I tried to do it last year, I was going to the gym 4 times a week and I couldn’t physically eat enough, I was permanently starving! And I felt week. Maybe I should do a modified version, and include milk (I was paranoid about the calcium deficiency), yoghurt and chicken/tuna.
Or maybe I should go back to my 2 bags of crisps/2 bars of chocolate eat whatever the hell I want it made no difference anyway diet.

Speaking of which; Chubby Chasers. Good on them for finding men who like them, but aren’t the men even slightly worried about their girlfriends health? I mean, being 30 stone must have its problems.

Mutant Mouse. Marvellous programme. Only caught the first half, but it was good. I can imagine I will be stoned to death by the anti-animal-testing brigade on the forum, but I have a new found respect for lab mice (not normally a fan – they smell. Rats are much nicer!)

Crapness abounds. Must send off my cheque for thr forum BPAL order, but I can’t find my cheque book! Will dig it out today, I promise!

Must also go and see Susie, because I’ve been busy and crap. Would be better if I had the address. Doh.

Velvet Revolver tickets arrived – Wheeeeeeee! *bounce* Better book the day off…

Rats have stopped fighting for now, cats are still spawn of Hell. Shredded Mr Criz’s hand this morning ‘for fun’. No matter how many people tell me cats don’t do things out of spite – I don’t believe you. Have him for a week and then tell me that. He waits until we are in before he destroys anything, and goes back again and again. I hate punishing him, but I’ve lost it. Better check the vet castrated him properly.

Must. Work.


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