Tired….and bloody bastard hair

Posted: November 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

Been dogsitting the last two days, and have just popped home to feed my own animals, and to eat.

Tried to strip the red from my hair. It’s only a semi permanent 8 wash job, shouldn’t be too hard? No. Nothing. My hair is even pinker than ever, and I have blonde roots. Lovely. I have the choice of living with roots, hoping it washes out, redoing it and suffering red hair for ever or paying hairdresser extortionate amounts. It had taken me SO LONG to grow all the dye out, I thought Directions/Crazy Colour would be fine and wash out OK. ARGGHHHHH! I’m NEVER going to have long hair!

I have another bottle of colour stripper. May have another go tonight, or just wash my hair in Head and Shoulders 3 times a day!

Looked a right fat bloater in the gym today. As much as I don’t believe in diets and deprivation, I think the time has come….

Luckily, I like fruit and stir fry prawns etc, but this is going to be hard work.


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