Going soft. Is this for real?

Posted: November 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

Bought some RAID yesterday to get shot of the carpet/mealworm/pantry/whatever beetles in the kitchen. Feel really guilty for wanting to kill them all. Am I going soft? Will be getting Mr Criz to do it while I’m away.

Can’t find brazil nuts ANYWHERE! THe oracle that is GMTV say they are banned. What? I know they can contain a fungus (aflatoxin) which is quite nasty, but consignments of nuts in shell are checked by Port Health, and they should have a health certificate too, so only ‘clean’ nuts should get through. I’m pretty sure they haven’t been banned, are Sainsbury’s and Tesco just being paranoid?

And who eats the shells anyway? The odd sliver may get ingested, but seriously! Watch out for the cries of ‘Nanny State!’ and ‘EU Bureaucracy gone mad!’ from Sun and Daily Mail readers alike.

Bugger. They are no fun without the shells (and you end up eating too many and feeling sick….)


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