Rattle rattle

Posted: December 3, 2004 in Uncategorized

You have never seen so many supplements in your life! My medicine cabinet (shoe boxes) now resemble a branch of Holland and Barrett. This had better bloody work!

If I’m not feeling better in a week, I want to know why! And some of the tablets – the multivitamins look more like sodding pessaries than capsules (I AM meant to swallow them, right?)

But I am looking forward to eating more cheese. Lovely!

Thank you Woman Who Wrote The Diet Cure (it’s a cure from diets, not actually a diet, and you are positively encouraged to eat butter and cheese!)

I will now stop being a food bore.

And flap about visiting my ex best friend who I haven’t really seen for too long. I am so crap. Why didn’t I get some Valium while I was out?

Christmas shopping tomorrow – yeah right! We. Are. Poor. Due to cost of;

New clutch and tools to put it on Golf
MOT for Crapi
Tax for Crapi

we are officially skint. So I hope no-one’s expecting much really. Me and Mr. Criz can barely afford to get each other anything, so everyone else – tough shit really. I’ve bought a few small things (before people actually told us what they wanted), but nothing exciting.

Bleh. Must Pay Debts. Faster.


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