Posted: December 7, 2004 in Uncategorized

Yay! Just booked tickets to see MOtley Crue in June at the NEC!!!! Hurrah! Supported by Killing Joke, no less!


Muchly happy now. Velvet Revolver AND Crue gigs next year! I see Sebastian Bach is touring too…..

OK, and todays crap food rant. Splenda. Saw an advert this morning for Splenda mince pies. Took me a while to work it out, after all, when do you put sugar in mince pies? Then I realised she was sprinkling it over the pies. OK, so sprinkling an artificial sweetener over a mince pie is going to make it healthy, is it? Face it, if the pastry has been bought in a shop, it most likely contains hydrogenated fat, and the mincemeat usually contains vegetable suet, also a great source of hydrogenated fat. Not to mention the vast amount of sugar in the mincemeat anyway.

Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t blatantly advertised as a slimming product. I will be making my own healthy mince pies, with pastry made from flour, butter and lard and hopefully, some mincemeat made with beef suet. Or at the very least, organic mincemeat (hydrogenated fats are banned)

And people believe this shit.

Speaking of healthy eating, the diet cure is going well, as far as feeling happy and less cravings goes. Time will tell if I lose any flab. Bloody expensive though, all this fruit and veg. Maybe if the industry made produce cheaper, instead of looking at ever more ways to produce cheap shit?

Still found no pressie for Mr Criz. Boo.


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