The good, the bad and the ugly

Posted: December 9, 2004 in Uncategorized

Good – the Diet Cure. Eating lots of veggies, not getting fatter but still want sweeties. Hmmm. But not as much as I did before. And a three egg omelette with cheese for breakfast is a GOOD thing. So is the encouragement to eat meat. Must do next weeks supplements and up the L-glutamine till I no longer drool over chocolate. Making that gingerbread was probably a bad idea.

Bad – Mother Phone Call. She rang up yesterday, in The Voice. Haven’t heard The Voice since I was a teenager. The Voice is her ranting/talking to herself/off on one Voice. Not good. She wouldn’t let me get a word in edgeways. I know she feels guilty, but to blame her mental illness on a suppository she was given in childbirth…….
She was sectioned long before I was born, in fact I was supposed to be the ‘cure’. ‘Give her something to take her mind off it’ I think was the doctors’ suggestion. Mental health care in the 60’s, eh?
The latest letter was telling me how harmful medicines can be – this from the woman who sends me loads – including suppositories!
She still won’t believe it is Mr Criz when he answers the phone.

Ugly – Me. Face full of bloody spots for no apparent reason, and my Depo is on Monday, so I can expect another fortnight of acne-ridden joy. I’m 30, ffs, I shoudn’t be getting bloody spots! And it’s the works Christmas dinner tomorrow. If I wear a dress, I will be leched at, it will be grim anyway, it’s in Luton. Luton is shit.


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