Becoming a bit domesticated……

Posted: December 10, 2004 in Uncategorized

In my quest for a healthier mince pie, I went searching for pastry. It
all contains hydrogenated fat. I have a pathological hatred of it – oil
boiled for hours with nickel and other metals to make it hard, give it
a longer shelf live, and give us all a heart attack. I hate it as much
as I hate aspartame *retch*.

So, I thought – bollocks, I will make my own. Therefore, I have
wholemeal flour, lard and butter waiting for me to make it into pastry.
This should be fun, I am NOT a pastry chef by any stretch of the

Next mission – mincemeat. SOMEONE should sell organic mincemeat. Nope.
All I could find was mincemeat with vegetable suet *spits* which is of
course, more hydrogenated shite. Couldn’t even find one with beef suet
(would offend all the vegetarians I suppose. Sometimes I get angry that
companies make things unhealthier to cater for vegetarians, without
giving us meat eaters a choice. We care about our health too! And of
course, veg suet is cheaper…) Not a rant at veggies, just crappy food
I did find a vegan one with no suet at all in it (I could just add my
own), but it had something objectionable in it – dates, I think, or
nuts. I love nuts, but they go soggy in mincemeat. This is not good.

So, I decided to make my own. Off I went to Sainsbury’s, got home and
realised I had two bags of raisins instead of raisins and sultanas.
Duh. So I added extra brandy to compensate 🙂

Must be getting into it. The gingerbread I made the other day was
really nice. People will be getting food for presents if I get good at

In other news, ’twas the works Christmas dinner today. I refrained from
wearing my red dress, as it’s very low cut and I got enough comments
last year from people I wouldn’t expect it from! Mr Lech was lechy as
usual, and Teachers Pet (the office pet, who the bosses fancy – it does
escape me why) wore something very low cut. It was not that fetching.
[bitch] at least mine don’t sag. I know she’s had a kid but ffs woman,
get a bra that fits! You’re only 33 after all! [/bitch]
I hate it when women wear the wrong size bra – makes them look all wrong.

Most disturbing was starting a game of strip dice (with dice out of a
cracker), and seeing Mr Lech expect Teachers Pet to actually take off
an item of clothing. He was salivating *heave* Luckily they got bored
very quickly and the conversation turned to mad office parties of old.

Interesting how it turns out when certain people aren’t present. The
‘staid’ people weren’t there, or rather the people who would disapprove
and be nasty weren’t there. That was good.

Did I mention we had booked tickets to see Motley Crue? Oh, sorry *bounce*

Might go to Luton Coven on Saturday for the Christmas bash. Hopefully
Susie will be coming too. I hate standing there like a lemon sometimes,
and it’s always nice to have company.

And I miss her, really I do. Crawly Bumlick has a lot to answer for. Bastard.

Might put my dreads back in for Yule – they need steaming again, and I
might dig out some nice green ones (very festive!) and grovel copiously
and see if she will help me. See if I can bribe her with gingerbread, mince pies or Snowcake.

Must sort out next weeks vitamins. Will take about an hour…..


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