More good news!

Posted: December 12, 2004 in Uncategorized

Went out to Luton last night, and it was good. Invited Susie and Pike, and we all went off in Nova. Was going to dance, but spent all night gassing instead.
Must admit, was apprehensive at the beginning, because I always used to feel so crap and inadequate next to someone who lookes perfect in everything, and who everyone wants to talk to (I have a face like a slapped arse most of the time)
The first half hour was spent panicking in case I got a visit from the green eyed monster, but it was OK, in fact I didn’t care after a while, we all just chatted, quite in depth, had a comedy dance and have a plan of attack for Crawly Bumlick. Oh yes. After very nearly breaking up a really good friendship (we have barely spoken for over two years) we think going out together and having fun will piss him off no end, and if I happen to see him in a dark alley……

So this is good. I didn’t get crap, she didn’t get crap, we just had fun.

Saw a mutual friend in town today, and warned him. He wasn’t even aware CB had caused the aggro but he wasn’t surprised. He will be looking out for fireworks soon 😉

Looks like a lot of people are culling friends lists again. Well people, the bad news is, I’m not. I like having loads of friends, whether I’ve met you in real life or not, so unless you cull me, you’re all here to stay and read/ignore my rantings.


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