Ooh, we’re so goth!

Posted: December 17, 2004 in Uncategorized

So goth in fact, we have carrion beetles in the kitchen. Lovely. After trawling the net yesterday, I have finally identified our visitors as Hide Beetles – the same ones bred for use in museums and taxidermy to pick the bones clean of flesh. Fucking marvellous. Now have to suffer the cats in the living room overnight while we get the Raid in the kitchen.
Apparently they are attracted by dead birds in lofts or bee’s nests. As we have a dead wasps nest in the loft, I’m guessing that’s the cause. Eurgh.

Shaun will be down this weekend doing pressie run. He wants to go to the Bear on Sat lunchtime in his Stormtrooper outfit. Should be a bit of a laugh!

I hate my hair. It is still fucking pink. After 2 months, 2 bottles of colour stripper and harsh Blonde shampoo. Argh.

May have to suffer the horror of Esquires on Christmas Eve. Just to remind myself how dreadful it is.


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