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Posted: December 31, 2004 in Uncategorized

Christmas Eve, we went to Esquires, me in my nice red ‘whore dress’ (thanks, Lara) and ludicrous Demonia high heels with diamante and rubber spikes. My feet were hurting by the time I got into the car! Maybe I should not have left it three years between wearing silly shoes!
Met up with Susie and Pike, and we looked a vision of gothy glamness. Had a good chat with loads of people, and Crawly Bumlick turned into Shitabrick by completely avoiding me and Mr Criz all night. Ha!
A couple of ‘beige girls’ didn’t take too kindly to the Gothic Loveliness(es) on the dance floor and proceeded to barge us and give us dirty looks. You chose to wear beige, love, don’t take it out on me!

Crimble presents were good – much book tokenness and chocolate! Managed not to lose temper with Nickis kids and all was well.

Decided to take advantage of the Free ’04 offer at Lush. Turned up in Cambridge nice and early, and waited…..
and waited…..
and got pissed off and went home. Got home to find a post on the forum that they weren’t open until the 28th – Gahhhhh!
Mr Criz took pity on me and offered to take me the next day. We went. and I spent £47 and blagged a Tinsel Town, a Merry Christmas and a Skins Shangri-La – £70 of free stuff! Bargain! Also spent WHS vouchers, and bought The Wall on DVD – memories of my misspent teenage years there – I’ve never seen it sober! Waterstones had a power cut, soI had to finish my book shopping in Bedford. In my haul, I got;
No Need For Speed – beginners running
Runners Gift Pack – book on distance running and armband radio
Strength Training Anatomy – so I can see what muscles I’m actually working!
Hatful of Sky – because I don’t have it!
Artwork of the Discworld = Ditto!
What You Wear Can Change Your Life – Trinny and Tranny – because they have a point, and I need all the help I can get!
Incompetence -Rob Grant – because his other books are good, and they didn’t have the other one I wanted
The New Reginald Hill – because it was the only one on 3 for 2!
Mr Criz bought me Going Postal for Christmas – hurrah!

We started decorating the hallway. The gopping Fleur de Lys and stripey wallpaper came off easily, though painting the walls beige (sandstone, apparently) was traumatic. The addition of Burnt Sienna and scumble glaze (SO Changing Rooms, darling!) made it actually look like stone. We are very impressed. We will lay the tiles at the weekend, and then draw the stone blocks on the wall. It will be good.

Mr Criz bought me some running shoes for my birthday. Typically, the pair that fit me perfectly were the only pair not in the sale. But they are posey Saucony Trigon2, so that’s good. Shame they are blue.Happily, I do not have major foot problems, and although I ‘run funny’ (my ankle flicks out), my feet are stable, and I can just get neutral shoes. Hurrah!

Last night we went to see Granny Chris and feed. Lisa was there with Chad who is a lovely chap, and a bit more chatty than he was at Whitby.

Tonight we will be at Esquires, watching CBs band, and making him nervous. I will be Goth Loveliness again, if I can find something to wear, or some underwear for under my satin dress (EVERYTHING shows under satin – argh!)

Tomorrow we are visiting Mother in Nottingham. Received a letter today (dated the 29th – and no Happy Birthday, either!) advising me to drink Oxo in boiling water for protein instead of meat. My Oxo contains mostly potato starch, glucose syrup and MSG, and only 0.6g protein /100g. I’d have to drink gallons of the stuff! No thanks.

Wish me luck!


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