Posted: January 10, 2005 in Uncategorized

I am bankrupt. Well and truly. The only way for me to not be insolvent is to not eat, use electricity or bathe, wash, drink water or flush the bog. This is not good.
Been looking into IVAs – no stigma, debt free in 5 years and we keep the flat! Looking more and more promising by the moment. Then interest rates are frozen I can get shot of the evil plastic and my life is my own again!

Feeling a bit depressed today. I was doing so well, but now I am having a Fat Day, a Work Is Stressful And I Can’t Do My Job I Should Be A Filing Clerk Day, and a I Just Want To Sleep Day. Where did all my motivation go? I did spring clean the bathroom though – all my Lush is out of the boxes and on display, and my bathroom really does smell fantastic now.


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